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Seconds Out Boxing Tutorial #3


The Jab AKA Punch Number 1

  • Arguably one of the most important punches in boxing. Super important to have a strong foundation of the jab as it allows you to set up other punches, move in and out of range as well as use it defensively. 
  • There are lots of different types of jabs, and the jab should always change tempo to not be predictable. Some act as a distraction to keep your opponent guessing while others can set up power shots.  
  • To throw the lead jab to the head extend that lead arm forward while keeping your elbow tucked in (avoid flaring that elbow out to the side) 
  • Turn your hand over at the end of the punch, striking with the lead two knuckles on your target. 
  • Use the feet with your jab! Push off your back foot (launch your jab) and take a step with the front foot, when your front foot lands your jab should land on the target. Keep the knees bent and try to generate the power from the jab from your back foot into the stomp of your front foot. 
  • Jab to the body! We need to make sure we change the level of our head when we go to the body and drop into the legs to stay balanced.
  • Protect your chin in your lead shoulder as you extend your arm for the jab! 
  • Add the step or stomp to your jab when going to the body as well but make sure to always reclaim your stance to not leave yourself off balance after your punch.