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Seconds Out Boxing Tutorial #4


The Cross AKA punch Number 2

  • If you are orthodox this is your “straight right” hand if you are southpaw this is your “straight left hand” traditionally the hand you write with.
  • Same as the jab we want to focus on keeping those elbows in. We never want to telegraph the punch by flaring the elbow or dropping the hand before we throw it, also keeping the elbow tucked protects us as we throw our cross.
  • Make sure your balance is set 50/50 on your feet, your tailbone is tucked and your core is engaged. There is a perfect harmony of weight transfer from the back foot to the front foot as you rotate your hips to throw that punch.
  • The cross literally has to cross your body so you need to rotate turning that back hip, think about squishing a cigarette out or a bug with that back foot to generate the movement. 
  • Use the rear shoulder as you throw that punch to protect your chin and bring your head slightly off the centerline. 
  • Make sure to aim your first two knuckles (same as the jab) to your target. Turning that first over at the end of your punch.
  • Cross to the body. Same as the jab to the body we need to change the level of our head. Either by dropping down into our legs or shifting that weight more to the lead leg and moving our head more off the center. Both punches aiming for the solar plexus of our opponent.
  • All the power of this punch is generated from our feet! Imagine it coming up from the ground by pivoting on that back foot and extending out to your target!