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Seconds Out Boxing Tutorial #5


Lead Hook AKA Punch Number 3

  • The lead hook is one of boxing’s most devastating punches if executed property. Common question: which hand position is correct when throwing the hook? The beer mug or turning the hand over. Neither is wrong, you can strategically use both but ultimately it’s whichever way feels the most comfortable for you as a boxer. Just make sure as with all the punches that we are aiming those top two knuckles to our target.
  • Because the hook is a very technical punch to learn in regards to the weight transfer from the front foot to the back foot we need to make sure our stance is set and that we do not stand up out of our stance when we throw this punch. 
  • Start with the feet! Take your lead foot and imagine your squashing that bug with the ball of the foot putting the weight into the back foot! Make sure your glutes and core are stacked together to maintain that rotational power.
  • Hand position! Imagine a 90-degree position as a base (parallel to the ground) as the punch aims to land on the side of someone’s face.
  • Pair the leg movement with the movement of your hand to create the power shot. Be mindful to not wind up the punch or drop the hand before you throw it! 
  • “Sit into the punch” as you throw it, meaning as you throw it and transfer your weight to your back leg stay in your legs/stance versus coming up and straightening the legs. 
  • Make sure as you throw your hook your rear hand does not drop. A common mistake, in the beginning, is allowing one hand to drop while the other one executes a punch! We need to make sure we are covered at all times from a defensive perspective while we are throwing punches.
  • Lastly, get into the habit of exhaling as you throw your punches, it helps your body stay relaxed!