Project Description

Seconds Out Boxing Tutorial #7


Hooks to the body 3b & 4B

  • Hooks to the body are typically used for a purpose. We wouldn’t traditionally lead a combination in fitness boxing or use this as the first punch in a fighting or sparring scenario. We want to set up these shots by drawing the guard up to go to the head and then dropping down into those body shots. 
  • Similarly, we can use the body shots to distract the guard to come down to bring our punches back up to the head. Being able to effectively use these levels is an advanced technique so make sure you master the hooks to head to get an understanding of the mechanics before taking them to the body.
  • With the hooks to the body, we are aiming for the soft spots between the rib and the hip bone. You can also come a little bit around the body, setting up for the kidney or liver shot. 
  • Similar to the 3 & 4 to the head we need to generate the power from those punchers by dropping into the legs and rotating the hips to create the power in the punches.