Project Description

Seconds Out Boxing Tutorial #9


Recap – Combination of punches

  • Focus on three main parts when stringing together simple combinations. 1) Where is the defensive hand? The hand that’s not throwing try to avoid dropping it to maintain that defensive position. 2) Putting a little bounce or footwork during the combinations. Even though we are standing in one spot for this drill, keep the legs active and transfer that weight from front to back on the balls of our feet. 3) Allow each punch to set up and create the next punch. For example, if we give too much away and overextend on the jab when we go to throw our cross we can be off-balance. 
  • Make sure to exhale with those punches, keep the gluten & core engaged and bring those punches back to your face after you throw them!
  • Always come back to that neutral stance after each combo!
  • The hips and the shoulders must be connected as we use that rotation to create power in our combinations. 
  • A good test for balance in your stance is to throw each punch and hold it out there. Check to make sure you feel stable in your legs as if someone tried to push you off balance they wouldn’t be able to.